8 Simple Steps to Becoming a Pro Dog Walker

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  • ROI $300 1 week

Do you love pets? Do you love to get out for long walks? Did you know people pay dog walkers handsomely? Learn how to get started.

Legit! This money making idea is verified and legitimate.

If you have a passion for pets and would want to earn something out of it, you should consider taking them for walks for a fee. This is a nice opportunity, and you will be surprised to learn how handsome your earnings could be, provided that you do the work well.
These eight simple-to-follow tips will help you convert your dog walking interest from a non-paying to a well-paying hobby.

  1. Build a resume – often the hardest thing to do for any business is building a resume. It even becomes sadder knowing that the secret to your success or failure lies in how many referrals you can get to woo potential new customers.  Start a dog walking for your friend or neighbor, at first; you may have to do it for free or little cash, but this won’t stay that way for long. At this stage, you not only build important skills for your hobby soon turning to business but also learn how to use power. In all you do, discipline and client satisfaction are key.
  2. Join an agency – there is no better place to get experience than joining a pet walking agency. You may find that you are earning less than what you are supposed to, but the sure thing is that you are developing a network. An agency referral letter can also be priceless just in case you ever decide to go solo.
  3. Get certifications – clients need to see credibility in a person they entrust their much-valued pet with. You will find academies that train and certify professional dog walkers. These academies or clubs are also important in networking and can refer you to clients or even employ you to train other dog walkers.
  4. Understand your city – by this, it means both the routes and laws. There are cities that have certain areas from access to persons with pets. Trespass may lead to persecution or fines, so this is not to be taken lightly.
  5. Engage your clients – although you are paid to walk dogs, it is important to get well with your human employers. The only way they can be confident their dog is safe with you is if they feel safe around you.
  6. Understand the pets – form a bond with the dog. Be comfortable around them and note that dogs can be quite choosy, especially if they sense unfriendliness. Always look for new ways of forging a successful friendship with your dog.
  7. Adjust to the not-so-glitzy side of your job – dog walking during cold or rainy seasons and odd hours will be part of your routine. First, evaluate yourself to see what you are comfortable or not comfortable with. Next, be open to your client about your policies in some extreme cases.
  8. Exercise – well, dog walking may be an exercise itself but dedicate some more time to exercise. Keeping fit is essential and makes your hobby-turned-job even more enjoyable. Get a descent pair of comfortable sneakers so that you won’t have to be on your fours the next time you are scheduled to take a client’s dog for a walk.  

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