Cash In On Your Own Knowledge

5.00 out of 5
  • Risk Low
  • Requirements Time, Some Money, Computer, Internet Access
  • Investment $200
  • ROI $200 1 year

Everyone has one true skill or another. Why not make a website using that skill?

Legit! This money making idea is verified and legitimate.

If you have any personal interests or skills why don't you create a website and make some money!

What could be more fun or interesting than creating a website using skills and experience with niches that you have already mastered?  This is the way most niche websites are started. By the pure love of a topic.

If you like watching reality TV shows, create a website about reality shows. If you like new phone apps, make a website of your favorite apps. You can make a long list of your favorite things, or skills. If you negotiate contracts for your job, you can make a website on how to negotiate a deal. The Internet is so large that any website you create is bound to be of interest to others on the Internet.

New Website Checklist
1. Find a domain. Domains are website names. Visit and find that domain. .com domains start at around $12 per year.
2. Find a server company to host your new website. There are many server companies on the web. Rather than go with a free hosting company who would put ads on your website, go with a low cost provider. Some options of hosting companies are:,, As a new website owner, you should go with a shared web hosting plan. offers plans as low as $4.50 per month.
3. Once you secure your domain and hosting service, your hosting service should have a button on the cpanel to load in WordPress the content management system.

This should be all you need to initially start your website.

Since this will be your first website, you will run in to questions and roadblocks. Nothing is truly insurmountable. When you have questions, just find the answer on Google. This is how I started.

My first website took about 1 week to figure out how to get going. With my experience now, I can get this going in no longer than an hour. Remember this learning curve will be invaluable in your future. Most niche website owners own many websites. You will be doing this over and over. None of your time will be wasted. These are important skills you are learning.

The final component will be to ad Google Adsense to your website. Google ads can be found on many niche websites. The way it works is when people click one of those website ads, Google will pay you a small stipend. The more popular you can get your website, the more visitors your website will get, and the more money you will make.

Using this model you can really make a nice side income based on your own likes and skills.

Give it a try, we are sure you will LOVE it!

Below are the specific steps, forms, websites, and/or locations that you will need to get started making money with this idea.
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