Make Money Being Naked and... Not Afraid

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  • Risk Low
  • Requirements Time, Guts
  • Investment $0
  • ROI $100 1 day

Art schools look for nude models on a steady basis. If you do not mind being naked in front of others.. what the heck. May as well make a buck.

Legit! This money making idea is verified and legitimate.

I went to a State College in Connecticut. One semester a friend of mine told me we should take a drawing class. He said they have naked women modeling. I was in!

We patiently waited throughout the semester waiting for the big day. One day the professor came out and let us know we had a 'special guest' for that day. We were going to be drawing nude models. All right! This was it!

A few seconds out walks a middle aged guy. My face dropped. His name was Ed. Painful but true we had to draw Ed for a few classes.

The bottom line was that Ed was making good money to just sit there and let us draw him for 45 minutes a class.

During a break I was standing outside and Ed came out to smoke a cigarette. I started talking to the guy and he let me know he makes $25 per hour and does a number of classes a semester.

That is some way to make money.

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Most larger areas have art schools. There are different levels of schools including private art schools, State Universities, Adult Education schools. They all have art classes and most need nude models throughout the year. I would start calling the art departments in these schools.

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