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  • Risk high
  • Requirements Internet, time
  • Investment $0
  • ROI $7 20 minutes

Do you know a good money making idea? Why not share it with others and make some money just for sharing.

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Legit! This money making idea is verified and legitimate.

You can make money very quickly by sharing your ideas with others.

First you must submit an idea and wait for approval. An idea is just a single headline for the article and a short excerpt that succinctly describes the idea. If the idea is approved you will earn $0.50. Submit as many ideas as you'd like!

Once your idea is approved you can submit a full article which should include the following sections:

1. A description of about 500 words long

2. An indication of the level of risk of the idea. This might be low medium, or high or anywhere in between. Some ideas are riskier than others and will all depend on how much time, money, or other things the idea might require.

3. A list of requirements that the idea demands. The list could include things like, Internet access, capital, time, friends, a car, a house.

5. How much of an investment the idea requires. This is a dollar amount.

6. An estimate of the ROI or return on investment. This is also a dollar amount. This could be a few hours, a week, month, or any other time period.

7. The return time is the time it will take to earn the ROI you have indicated.

8. The PROS of this idea. This is a short description of why this is a great idea.

9. The CONS of this idea. Describe why this idea might be a challenge or some of the negatives.

10. A description of the next steps. This section will include the nitty gritty of your idea. It includes exactly what the person should do to make money and may include links to outside websites.

Below are the specific steps, forms, websites, and/or locations that you will need to get started making money with this idea.
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