Post a Task Online, Make Money

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  • Risk Low
  • Requirements Time, Internet Access, Smart Phone, Car
  • Investment $0
  • ROI $100

There are so many websites on the Internet that you can make money with by posting service tasks. Most are simple things that others do not want to do.

Legit! This money making idea is verified and legitimate.

Knowing where to look on the Internet can make you some quick money.

There are a variety of task based websites online where you can post a service and make money. I list them below.

1. - Post a small job, errand, task and wait for the offers to come in.
Tasks offered vary from Filing documents with government offices, pickup groceries, wait in line at the DMV. You can post most types of services and others will pay you to accomplish the job.
2. - Task Rabbit is a very similar website as AgentAnything. Post your task and wait for jobs. Job tasks vary greatly. Helping people move, office help, general help, spring cleaning help, party and event help, handyman work, cleaning help, shopping and delivery service. - Fiverr is a freelance type of website where you can offer for a fee a service or skill that you have. Are you a graphic designer? You can offer logo services. Are you a writer? Offer your services for any range of writing jobs. The list can be endless. Check out for a list of jobs.
4. - Make money with you phone. Become an agent for someone. This is an app you can download to your phone.
Collect videos, photos, and information for businesses based on your location. This can be a very interesting way to make money.
5. - Make $10 via Paypal to review a website or app. You will need to make a 20 minute video of your review and complete some tasks.

Another option is to visit which is from Amazon. This is called Mechanical Turk. Companies and people post tasks for you to accomplish and make money. When visiting the website to search for tasks, make sure you look for tasks that pay based on your criteria. If you did not list anything, you will see tasks as low as .05 per task. We do not recommend even attempting to perform these.

In our test we searched for tasks starting at 1.00. We found some interesting tasks such as calling a doctors office and asking a list of questions such as types of conditions they treat, if they are accepting new patients, etc. As long as the list of questions is not too long, this can be a viable option to make some money. There is a long list of policy documentation for you to read before you start. Make sure you review this.


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