Make Money With Gold

5.00 out of 5
  • Risk high
  • Requirements Time, Money
  • Investment $1250
  • ROI $200 1 year

Have you ever seen the Gold Machines in the mall? Can you make money buying and selling gold?

Legit! This money making idea is verified and legitimate.

Gold Machines in the mall are cool. The only one's I have seen around are from Gold To Go. The machines have many different size bars to choose from. 2.5 grams, 5, grams, 10 grams, 20 grams, etc. There are also types of gold ranging from Krugarrands, Kangaroo, Maple Leaf, American Silver Eagles, etc.

Before you go buying gold from a machine in the mall, you need to do some investigative work.

As you know the price of gold fluctuates. Below is a long term Gold Price Chart from 1800 until 2012.

The initial look at this chart is very telling. As of 2012 it looks like Gold has really peaked up. In your investigation just check the recent Gold Prices. As of this articles publish time, the current Spot Gold price is $1,257 per ounce. This is down a bit from the high, but it does still look high.

There are so many ways of purchasing Gold. You can buy the bars, coins, many different governmental coins, or through the stock market. If you are looking for a very liquid way of purchasing Gold, we recommend the Gold ETF with the stock symbol GLD. Here is a price chart of the GLD index:

If you have any stock trading brokerage account, you can purchase this stock and basically own gold without possessing it.

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Here is the wikipedia page for the GLD If you actually want to hold the Gold in your own hands there is a cost to this. There will be broker fees on the purchase and the sale. In our investigation, the best option for gold coin purchase..

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