Refresh Your Wallet: Sell Ice-cold Bottled Water

5.00 out of 5
  • Risk Low
  • Requirements Cooler, Venue
  • Investment $50
  • ROI $200 4 hours

Selling bottled water is so simple that people don’t even think to do it. You’ll only need a few things to get started.

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Getting It Right Offset with Selling Bottled Water

With the global warming and high temperatures especially during summer, you will see bottled water everywhere. From your favorite convenience store to vending machines, it is literally impossible to walk a few meters down the street without finding bottled water for sale. So how can you then turn this lucrative opportunity to a profit-generating business? We will tell you how.
Stuff to get
These are some of the things you will need for your business:

  • A water cooler – if the water is not cool enough, people won’t buy it, and business without enough customers is not a profit-generating one.
  • Water bottles – keep it easy at first. No need for branded bottles or brand names, cool, clean water is what people need.
  • Ice – well, other than keeping the water cool enough, ice has a certain element that helps attract customers. At this point, anything that will help you sell more and faster is worth getting.
  • Advertising – think about a nice colored and designed a sign with your prices. You can also dress in a T-shirt indicating what you are offering.
Other ways through which you can advertise your new venture includes through:
Engaging with potential customers – talk to passers-by and let them understand why you think it is important for them to drink cool water you offer.
Personalize your cooler – this is a silent yet loud way of letting people know what it is that you sell. It is very cost effective and convenient, and you can do with both of those features.

Where to sell
These are just some areas you should target for quick sales:
  • Sporting events – fans will cheer and get thirsty, the best thing of all- there will be so many fans.
  • Community parties or reunions
  • Music events such as concerts or festivals
  • Any event that will host many people who will probably get thirsty before leaving for home
How to hit high sale targets
Just because people need it doesn’t mean they will always buy it, more so from you. Sales do not come automatic; you have to work for them. This is how you do so:
Cold water please – ensure that you have a cooler stuffed with lots of ice. Your target clients not only need water but cold water.
Have change ready – be prepared and have enough lose money for change ready.

Pick your area well – high traffic area is the most ideal for this type of business. Choose a street that has a high traffic of passers, entrance to a recreational spot. Have the required permission for whatever area you wish to settle.
Advertise your business – if you do not talk about it, no one is going to know that it exists.
Make it legal – get the necessary permits required by your state or local authorities for selling bottled water. This prevents the occurrence of any unnecessary and nasty event that may lead to you losing your customers.
Respect other vendors – remember that in as much as it is about competition, respect comes first.

Below are the specific steps, forms, websites, and/or locations that you will need to get started making money with this idea.
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